Bonsai Styling

Liu Yu Chen offers service of styling your plant into nice form bonsai.

Export & Import

We are able of exporting plant, bonsai or garden plant, from Taiwan or Japan to other country. And import tree from JP to Taiwan.

Nursery Guidance

We take client to visit various nurseries as an shopping tour, either in Taiwan or Japan. It's always nice to hand pick the goods in person.


Oversea Export

We have established the contacts with bonsai nurseries all over Taiwan. Therefore we can prepare vast variety of bonsai in order to reach each client’s requirement, from pre-bonsai to award winning bonsai.

  • After receiving your requirement, we will send photos of desired bonsai to you with price quotation.
  • As an export  coordinator, we provide individual tour to visit various nurseries for commercial purpose, to Taiwan or Japan. The itinerary will be arranged based on your request.

By visiting the nurseries you could hand-pick the bonsai. The full Chinese-English or Japanese-English interpretation will be offered throughout the visit.

Export Procedure

Exporting bonsai involves complicated processes, such as passing quarantine inspection and passing custom check. Some plants may not be allowed to import into your country. Please check with your country’s regulation in advance.


Process Fee

Our charge of process fee is calculated on the basis of container/crate/box.

For example, we charge xxx$ process fee for each wooden crate. No matter how much bonsai is stored inside, the fee will be same. So to make most use of process fee, we suggest to put as much tree inside box as possible.

The process fee includes quarantine inspection, container/box, inland transportation, packing, assembling and manpower.  We do it in FOB price, so the charge doesn’t includes freight. For further information, please contact us via email. Thanks.