Bonsai Products

We produce and collect nice bonsai all over Taiwan.

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Export Import Service

We expand our service from exporting Taiwan bonsai to import/ export Japanese plant.

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How to Buy from Taiwan/ Japan ?

Several procedures are necessary in order to buy plant abroad.

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Our Primary Goal

YiSu Bonsai is a Taiwan based bonsai nursery. We produce and collect quality bonsai from all over Taiwan. Not limited by boarder, we also constantly import pine tree from Japan.

Nowadays the beauty of bonsai tree has been widely appreciated around the world. Yet the boundary between nations make it difficult to purchase a tree from other country.

Feel no worry. We provide service of living plant transportation. Until now we have experience of exporting bonsai from Taiwan to Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and USA. Furthermore, If you are interested in Japanese plant, we can do it. With our Japanese partner network, we are able to cater your need either bonsai or garden plant.

Depend on each country's/ region's regulation, the difficulty of exportation vary; nevertheless we will try best to fulfill requirement under each country's regulations.


Sample Catalog

What kind of Bonsai there are in Taiwan? What is the general price?

See the catalog to have an idea.